Our Products

Sure Bio Diagnostics & Pharmaceuticals is among the leading & fast growing organizations of Pakistan with its expertise in the fields of Research, Diagnostics & Industries. Covering a wide spectrum of Applications in different disciplines Sure Bio aims to provide innovative & advance tools to achieve respective goals with efficiency & successes.

Hot Plates

Hot Plates with Stirrers, Robust and Economical with wide range of Platform types & Sizes.

Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

Touch Screen, Supreme Performance with wide range of capacities options and inventories to meet different sample storage.q.

High Capacity

Clinical Samples Options for over 150 Blood Samples / Run.

Medifuge is a Clinical Centrifuge

with Hybrid Rotor for both Swing-out & Fixed Angle Centrifugation. Can Accommodate all Clinical Sample tube from 1.4 ml to 15 ml (All Adapters included in the package.

Novus Digital Pipettes

with 9 in 1 Pipetting Function including Pipetting, Repeat Pipetting, Stepper, Dilution, Sequential and much more. Rechargeable with large display.

Thermo ScientificTM EasYFlaskTM flask

The Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ flask portfolio has been developed with an emphasis on consistent quality. Reproducibility and reliability are key to good scientific results..

Thermo Scientific' Nunc" Serological Pipettes

• Sizes: 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, and 50 mL • Nondripping tips and clearly marked graduations for precision • Sleek 5 mL and 10 mL shortie pipettes for easy maneuvering under the hood.

E1-ClipTip Electronic pipettes

E1-ClipTip™ pipette combines interlocking technology that ensures secure tip attachment with the efficiency of electronic pipetting action..

Safeguardinc your cells from contamination

Thermo Scientific' Nalgene- Rapid-Flow- filter units and bottle tops include a choice of membrane pore sizes that offer comprehensive and reliable contamination protection: 0.1 pm filters guard against mycoplasma contamination, 0.2 pm filters remove all bacteria, and 0.45 pm filters remove particles and clarify fluids..